7 de janeiro de 2011

YOUR life story is your LOVE STORY

"It is a movie of loving connection, heartfelt emotion, memories and wishful dreams.
But when your life is over, the movie will be richer or poorer for the amount of love contained in each scene.
Don't worry though... you might think your life is not a love story. You might think it is a war movie, a horror story or just a plain boring soap. But your ego mind is fooling you.
Each moment of your life has been jam packed with either loving experience or those experiences which are urging you, pushing you and shoving you into LOVE. And love is never dull.

Generally, when we feel that we are going nowhere, when we are bored, when we feel lonely, when we feel lethargic, when we feel in despair... there is not enough love being played out in each scene. You see, our misery, our regrets, our disconnection, comes about when we simply hold back on loving either ourselves or others.
It is the withhold of love that is our greatest pain.
So why do we hold back from being a loving sunbeam in both our own life and that of others?

We doubt our own self worth...
we doubt whether people want us...
we doubt whether we are invited...
we doubt whether we are included...
we doubt whether we belong...
we doubt people want to hear from us, speak to us or even acknowledge us.
And in this misery of doubt, of unworthiness, we withdraw from others and from the world because we believe this will cause us less pain than rejection, feeling uncomfortable, unwanted or not appreciated.
Quite frankly, we are closing our hearts not only to others, the world, but also to ourselves.
It is one of the most painful things we can do to ourselves... and those who wish so much to share us.

Yes, our own mind can be a pretty violent place.

Yet we can never lose anything and we can never be a burden if we show up in the world as love.

So it might be that we will be a little too energetic or love fueled for those in the valleys of fear and darkness. But that is their business and not ours. Ours is the business of love.

When we give light and love to others, they will find the way to their own hearts... to their own connection to all that is... to the treasure trove that lies within their own hearts and which is connected to that treasure house which is in us also.

So just give love... be loving... join in.. share... and show up!

Beam your loving smiles...

Say those loving words...

Bring your loving presence to others...

Never worry about hugging,cuddles, kissing...

Never worry about sharing your heart... be willing to honor and listen to others too.

Always look into people's eyes... the window to their soul.

Yes, just go out there as the butterfly, sharing, caring and plain loving.

Then you will see just how many people will so much want to dance with you!

We might have our regrets.

But they will, at the end of the day, be about how we did not love enough.. those times when we needed to speak love... those times when we needed to be loving and those times when we just so much yearned to show up as love but that ugly fear monster held us back.

Just be free.. be love."

by Nick Ralls
Thank you Nick :)

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