24 de janeiro de 2013

To read every day... ou então imprimir e colocar na carteira. Sem falta.

"If ever you wake up in the morning and think to yourself that life isn't going the way that you planned and is much harder than you think you can handle, remember that our lives have been created by a power far greater than you and I. A power that can see the entire picture, not just today, and knows what is best for us, whether WE think so or not. Know that we are never handed anything that our angels know we can't handle. We must have faith that everything is precisely how it should be, at this given moment, right where we are. If you're ever in a place where you feel lost and confused, ask your angels for guidance, open yourself up to receiving their signs, and follow your heart. We're on a learning journey. Do not fret over the things you should have done and wished were different. You are exactly where you should be. Smile, my friends. Every little thing is alright." ♥ Your Ladybug

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